Second hand clothing in Lanzenkirchen, Austria

Gutiu Nikolaus GmbH

Our main business is the aquisition and trade with second hand clothing. After the goods arrive in our warehouse in Lower Austria we perform a rough sorting into categories. This is necessary to guarantee certain quality standards and to for us to know our inventory.

Did you know that, on average, a single Person from Western Europe produces 10 kg of used clothing per year?

Childrens clothing, remaing stocks or your former favourite clothing items that aren't according to this years latest fashion – we make sure that these arrive where they are needed. We work with charitable organisations and have years of experience in our line of business.

Our activities are environmentally responsible and we always act with sustainability in view. This also means that not resellable clothing is processed accordingly.


Nikolaus Gutiu GmbH – Akquisition and sale of used clothing in Lanzenkirchen, Lower Austria